Who We Are:

About Kind Media

Kind Media is a niche-driven advertising network that is passionate about the environment, animal rights, and ethical marketing. We are dedicated to giving back to the community by allowing advertisers to donate part of their ad buys to a charity of their choosing.

Our goal is to help vegan and vegetarian communities come together and find each other via our platform. Our network allows those who have an ethical brand or product to promote and discover blogs or websites of like-minded views. The owners of Kind Media’s mission to connect like-minded individuals is not only to gain revenue to support their brands but also to spread awareness of the movement that our environment needs.

Kind Media’s ethical marketing vision has the advertiser as well as the publisher in mind. We bridge the gap between publisher and advertiser by offering a unique platform that allows you to make money ethically as well as with integrity.
We maintain our objective to use honest, transparent advertising practices using our super targeted traffic to create mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.

Kind Media, Publishing Ads That Matter!