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Our goal is to put your ad in front of as many individuals as possible whose views align with your vision.

About the company

At KIND MEDIA, we only work with vegan and vegetarian publishers.
Our goal is to connect our advertisers with platforms offering content targeted at likeminded individuals. The quality of our traffic meeting the needs of your target market is always our main focus.
We put the ‘KIND’ in Kind Media by donating a percentage of every ad sale to a charity of your choice. You’re already spending money on advertising, why not spend it with a company that gives back. Join us today in making a difference with your ad dollars.

Our Specialties






Join us today in making a difference with your ad dollars.

Kind Media is dedicated to delivering Ads That Matter.

What are our traffic sources

What are our traffic sources?

We continuously update our database with websites serving the specific audience of vegans and vegetarians. We also offer customized packages, where we will work with your budget (of any size) to provide you with the best quality traffic for the right price. No matter what your specific niche or sub-niche is, we will go out of our way to research and provide the exact type of traffic that converts for you.

Why switch to KindMedia?

KindMedia’s dedication to this specific niche guarantees you will receive the type of traffic that you need with no bulk add-ins that are irrelevant to your product. We also donate a percentage of all ad sales to a charity of your choice.

Why switch to KindMedia

How to start?

Contact us today! Email us at  giveback@kindmedia.eco  and one of our sales reps will get in contact with you right away. We look forward to your business!

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